Arup: China In Motion

China In MotionArup: Phase 2 gallery
8 Fitzroy St, London
July - August 2008

Project Team: Jennifer Greitschus (curator), Amelia Black (curatorial assistant).

China In Motion was an exhibition in Arup’s new public exhibition space Phase 2 at 8 Fitzroy St, London in the Summer of 2008.

A selection of film, photography, models and digital displays focused on people involved in the dramatic developments in Beijing and Shanghai leading up to the 2008 Olympics and the role of migration in making these changes possible. 

The exhibition featured work by artists Helen Couchman and Ed Burtynsky, filmmaker Antoine Breton, motion graphics designer Rob Slychuk, composer Yuli Chen and photo-journalist Natalie Behring. 

Grounded in the context of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the show was as much about the people involved in their realization as the structures themselves. They ranged from construction workers from the provinces to Arup’s migrant designers and engineers; all of whom are making their mark on China’s future built environment.

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