Bulk Buy Pop-Up Shop & Exhibition

25-28 October 2023
Testing Grounds Emporium
432 Queen Street, Melbourne

Alternative Ceramic Supply

Bulk Buy was part exhibition, part interactive retail pop-up shop for ceramicists (and other makers and members of the public) produced by the artist collective, Alternative Ceramic Supply

The exhibition featured 10 second-life materials for use in ceramics, all reclaimed from industry byproduct and waste streams. Each material was sourced locally, processed on a small scale, and available for purchase.

The exhibition offered a disruption to the standard model of the take-make-waste economy. Ceramicists were prompted to question their usual methods of sourcing raw ingredients and their position in the supply chain. Visitors were invited to wonder what the pottery supplies shops of the future may look like. It resulted in a lot of exciting discussions and it was helpful for us to guage interest for more materials and future events.

Organised by Alternative Ceramic Supply as part of Craft Contemporary 2023. 

A lternative Ceramics Supply is an artist collective with Claire Ellis, Sarah Muir-Smith, Georgia Stevenson and Amelia Black.

All images were taken by Michael Pham, 2023.

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